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50 Metre LED Ropelight - 230V

*ALL NEW* 230V LED Ropelight adds an extra dimension to your lighting display.. LED Ropelight super bright,long lasting and economic.

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Flexilight Commercial Grade LED Ropelight


Light up your building, whether a Motel, Restaurant or Dairy, the idea is to be seen.


Your building too could stand out, getting more customers and increasing your revenues


LED (Light Emitting Diodes) shine very brightly and surrounded by a PVC casing the LED Ropelight is very versatile for Houses, Boats and Cars. LED Ropelight can be used to brighten up an outdoor area to help you enjoy an evening meal, or to add that sparkle to your existing light display.


Flexilight LED Ropelight will last 10 - 15 years, the LED's have a 100'000 hr lifespan and the Ropelight PVC has a UV protectant to protect it from the strong New Zealand sun.


Flexilight LED Ropelight plugs straight into the houses plug 230V .


Flexilight LED Ropelight uses very power 90% less than a stardard Ropelight. Low Ampage = safe lighting


Flexilight LED Ropelight  is New Zealand Safety Approved


Flexilight LED Ropelight can come in any length upto 100 Metres, it can come static (full on) or with a controller to make it chase and flash (please see other listing).




Power = 230V plugs straight into power no transformer problems. 0.1 Amps per 10 Metres
LED's = 36 per Metre
Colours = White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green,Orange and Multi-Coloured
Price = $12 per metre


HIGHLY RECOMMEND SILICON Channelling is used, this keeps the ropelight straight and looking professional.