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John Snow 2 - The Wall

John Snow 2 - The Wall - New and Improved now 12W, a brighter Snowflake is here


This projects a wall of snowflakes onto your house or Wall and it looks like snowflakes are falling

LED Snow Fall

 This  Projector puts a wall of falling snowflakes into your home or garden


  • Light up your home for Christmas
  • Falling snow effect
  • Easy to use


Light up your home for Christmas with this  White LED Snowfall Projector. Featuring a beautiful falling snow effect, this projector captures the essence of Christmas and displays it on any flat surface. Extremely easy to use, simply set it up in your garden facing a wall and watch it work.


We have improved on our snowflake projector now in 12W LED

The winter is not coming but John Snow will put you in a festive mood

Project snowflakes onto your house , party or ball

Waterproof casing 

12V Transformer

Good for Indoors or outdoors