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50 x 6 inch Glow Stick

6 inch Glow Stick come with Necklace strap, Snap and Glow Stick, Great Fundraiser

6 Inch Glow Sticks for FUNDRAISING

Glowsticks come in Boxes with 4 different colours red, green, blue, yellow all in different boxes

These come with necklace strap More available Proven to be fun and affordable for children and adults of all ages.

Glow Sticks can be sold at most public functions. Discos, School Productions, Easter Gatherings, Halloween Parties, Concerts, Xmas Parties, Stock Car Races, New Year Eve Parties, Christmas Parties Guyfawkes, All night time events.

Schools may pre sell these to family and friends of their students who may be celebrating Weddings, Barbeques, Birthdays, or any special occasion.