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60 Metre - Extreme Twinkling LED Fairy Lights - SALE

60 Metre Linkable LED Fairy Lights, 600 LED's Simply buy more sets to light up upto 120 metres off one power source

LED LINKABLE Christmas Lights

This Sale for Warm White Twinkling only, this is for 10x  6 Metre Linkable Fairy Lights, one plug on white wire or dark green wire

Every 5th LED Flashes giving them a twinkling look

Incredible new savings, we have stripped back the packaging so you buy just the lights, still the same commercial grade LED Fairy Lights that Flexilight has sold for the last 12 years but at an incredible low price.

Please look at LED Fairy Light gallery to see what can be done with them http://flexilight.info/Gallery6.html 

  • 60 Metre
  • Super Bright
  • LED  Clear Christmas Lights are Linkable to 120 metres off one power source
  • Great for a shop display or at home - indoors or outdoors! 
  • Plug straight into the power point no transformer problems! 
  • 600 LED's 
  • 5 year life +
  • New Zealand safety approved plug.


Flexilight LED Fairy Lights are Linkable - Meaning they have a power cord (male) one end an extension plug (female) at the other simply buy another Fairy Light and add more lengths on, connecting male with female to get long lengths off one power source  

Ideal for Christmas Lights Displays, School Ball Displays, Weddings, Night Clubs or Wineries 


  • Limited amounts so please buy early, choose a hassle free Christmas buy a Flexilight Christmas, Please view our Trees, Wreaths, Garlands and lots of lights all high quality.


  • LED Christmas Lights are basically tiny light bulbs that, unlike ordinary incandescent mini bulbs, have no filament. Because they have no filament, they require less energy, produce less heat, and last a great deal longer. Because the LED's energy is not being wasted heating a filament and a greater percentage of power is going directly to generate light, making them much brighter than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, the bulb is constructed out of heavy plastic and therefore remarkably durable