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LED Fairy Lights

We are after some fairy lights to put along a garden path what would you recommend?

We would recommend Extendable Fairy Lights, Each come in 12 metre lengths and are extendable. Extendable means that simply by buying another set you can join these together to make upto 360 metres. The extendable fairy lights come with waterproof extension plugs that do not require an electrician.

We are tired of bulbs blowing how long will your bulbs last?

Our bulbs are All LED They have a 5 year like + and if care is taken with them they will last years longer

Do they flash or stay full on / static?

Most of our lights stay on static most people prefer them that way even though we do have indoor that do have controller and we also have controllers for our ropelight

What is the maximum length?

Our longest standard length is 12 metres, we also have 6 metre lengths that are extendable to 360 metres off one power source.

How Many bulbs per metre?

On our 12 Metre lengths we have 120 LED's, on the 6 Metre Lengths we have 60 LEDs, the 3 Metre Icicles have 120 LED's

If one bulb blows how many bulbs will go out?

If one LED goes out only one will go out, our lights are wired on series not parrallel

What is a Controller?

A controller used on fairy lights has already been added and is available on THE Firework lights or the cluister lights and for the LED Ropelight They have 8 functions easily selected by a push button. Controller must be kept dry and tied down so not to be left dangling and pulling at the wires.

How much power do they take?

The lights are 240 Volts but this means little, the biggest problem people have is power breaker popping this is not caused by Voltage but Amps. A standard kettle uses 9 Amps a 12 Metre Fairy Light uses 0.01 Amps. That’s right don’t drink cof